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We help organizations and individuals  imagine, cultivate and co-create the conditions for safety to take root in the communities in which they live and work. 

We work as advisors, confidants, trainers, planners, facilitators, organizers, and thought partners.

We are experienced violence interrupters, social workers, community organizers, and educators in sectors such as government, higher education, health care, and non-profit.

Some of the identities that inform our work include: queer and Black, white and Jewish, cis-gendered Black. We have lived experience as people who have been incarcerated, survivors of community violence, and practitioners of restorative healing practices.

Let's conspire.

Conspiring for Good was a terrific partner in providing de-escalation tools and training at Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The facilitators were excellent, and really helped our staff think about their agency in managing conflict. We all came out of the training feeling more confident and supported in our work.

Stephanie Wilchfort, President and CEO

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