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I am a graduate from Columbia University’s School of Social Work (CUSSW), a mother of three and a returning citizen. My last position was at the (CCI) / Red Hook Community Justice Center working as an intern in the Art Strategies Department. My work there includes but limited to; community engagement, evaluating program progress and working directly with community partners. Prior interning, I worked at CUSSW as a Research Assistant. The work I did there included working on an intervention called EWORTH, a study for African American women who have domestic violence and substance abuse issues. During my time there I had the opportunity to work and partner with community organizations, city and state agencies and individuals that were directly impacted by the criminal justice system, more specifically probation and parole. Lastly, I worked at the Fortune Society for 11years in various positions.  Within that time, I was the case manager for the HIV/AIDS housing program, the counselor/facilitator/data entry specialist  for an educational program called Justice Scholars, and the Project Coordinator for the one of the Alternative to Incarceration programs called Street Smart. Some of my duties included building lasting partnerships with many local, city and state organizations/agencies, community building, counseling, educating, and mentoring young people.

In conjunction with the above, I have facilitated and co-facilitated different trainings for staff from the Fortune Society, Columbia University, and other agencies throughout NYC.

I am an active participant in the Justice for Women’s Taskforce, where our main goal is to get women released from jail and prison. I also serve in the Office of Children and Family Services (O.C.F.S.) IRB board. In this voluntary position I travel to different NYS facilities to review incidents dealing with the youth and their care. While also providing guidance on the operations of the facilities. 

I believe in fairness and justice for all people and I advocate for equality.

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