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I am an anti-violence advocate, social worker, community organizer, and parent. I am a white cis-female with a Jewish cultural and spiritual identity.  I love engaging with perspectives different from my own, taking on challenges that appear intractable, collaborating with diverse teams, and transforming abstract ideas into implementable projects. 

I had the privilege of being the director of the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center (now called Neighbors in Action) in Brooklyn, New York for 18 years. In that position, I was directly involved with activating the public health approach to gun violence reduction by founding New York State’s first Cure Violence replication site, “Save Our Streets.” During my tenure, the Center grew from a team of 4 people to 40 and from one storefront in Crown Heights to four. We designed and implemented programs in the schools, the streets, the hospitals, Houses of Worship and in small businesses.

Now, I’ve launched Conspiring for Good to share the experiences and tools that my colleagues and I learned over the years to help you or your organization clarify your vision, strengthen your team, create achievable plans, build coalitions, and create new ways to spread good.

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